Wine on the Bright Side

We're Sipwell Wine Company - premium California wine with a can-do spirit. A female-founded and Black-owned company, we make award-winning canned wine that’s a little bit of a renegade. Our sparkling wines are naturally can-conditioned and all of our wine is sourced from sustainably farmed grapes in California's Central Coast. Best of all, it's all delivered right to your door, ready for you to enjoy. Our single-serve aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, portable, and perfect for celebrating life's little moments.

Our Wines

No buttery Chards or sweet red blends here - we set out to make wines that are different than what you see in stores. Our wines are typically from lesser-known wine regions, unsung varietals, and interesting production methods. Most importantly, we make a dedicated effort to source and produce all of our wine from sustainably farmed grapes in California's Central Coast.

Our Bubbles

Our sparkling wines are can-conditioned, meaning the bubbles are created right in the can. Fermentation, baby! So if you see some haze when you pour it, that’s called lees, and it’s a totally normal result of that magical bubble process. Added bonus: it also helps the wine stay fresh longer. Now you know some cool wine sh*t.

Our Packaging

We strive for less CO² in the sky, more in the can. (Hey, carbonation joke!)

Let's start with the can: not only is aluminum infinitely recyclable, it takes up less space and weighs 40% less to ship than the same amount of wine in bottles, meaning fewer carbon emissions when shipping.

Then we ship it directly to you in 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

Full disclosure: our cans are fully recyclable but our labels are made from plastic. For a small business our size, printed aluminum cans aren't an option. Help us grow so we can eliminate plastic!