We're Sipwell: Premium California wine with a can-do spirit.

Sipwell Wine Company wines contain zero grams sugar

All of our wines are fermented dry, meaning they have 0g sugar.

Organic  and Sustainable Farmed Wines From Sipwell Wine Company

Our wines are all made from organically farmed or certified sustainable grapes.

Each of our cans equals 1.5 glasses of wine, the perfect pour.

Woman Owned.
Wine for All.

I want great wine that’s not just for special occasions. Great wine that’s better for our planet. Great wine for wherever you are and wherever you want to go. Great wine you don’t need to join an exclusive club to get. Great wine that welcomes all types of wine drinkers.

That’s why I started Sipwell. 

-Hilary Cocalis, Founder & Chief Go Getter

Our "Sip Responsibly" Pledge

We're responsible to ourselves.
We want to celebrate while staying present. Our single serve cans are the equivalent of 1/3 bottle, perfect for enjoying without overdoing it.

We're responsible to the planet.
Our grapes are organic or sustainably farmed, our cans are infinitely recyclable, and we strive for 100% plastic-free packaging.

We're responsible to each other.
As a woman-owned & minority-owned business, we pledge to push our industry forward, to celebrate diversity, and to make a difference in our larger community.